Welcome! Willkommen! Tere tulemast!

your finding to Reiki and to our team is wonderful. In order to book a treatment or organize/ take part in a Reiki-class at a place of your choice, simply get in touch with us:

In case we are not able to take your call immediately, we will definitely call you back. Therefore: please don’t hesitate to leave your contacts on the answering-machine. You may also leave us a message here.

Please make sure to register latest a week before the class starts. Reiki I classes take place either on 4 consecutive evenings (ca 3 hours per evening) or at a weekend (ca 6+6 hours). The next classes are planned as follows:

4 Evenings Weekend
29. January – 01. February 2018;
19. March – 22 March 2018;
14 May – 17 May 2018,
30. July – 02. August 2018
03. February -04 February 2018;
24 March – 25 March 2018;
19. May – 20 May 2018
04. August – 05. August 2018

The next possibilities to participate in a Reiki II class are: 16. February – 18. February 2018  or 13. April – 15. April 2018 or 15. June – 17. June 2018

Mastertraining takes place upon application and in reciprocal agreement.

Reiki-Exchange evenings for practicioners take place on Thursdays. On the first Thursday of each month, those not initiated to Reiki are also invited to take part in the Reiki-Clinic .  Please register latest a day prior to the event.

In case you have further questions simply get in touch!

Until we meet again!