Events and Dates 2014

Dates in Kelkheim, Frankfurt und Surroundings
Reiki-evenings, treatments and classes: Register via contact, or via phone 0162-4244878.
upcoming Reiki classes: 
Reiki 1:
08.Feb and 09.Feb.2014 from 11-18 hrs, region Stuttgart / Ludwigsburg
Evening seminar:
17.March – 20.March 2014 from 19 – 22 hrs, region Taunus/ Kelkheim / Frankfurt
14.April – 17.04.2014 from 19 – 22 hrs, region Taunus/ Kelkheim / Frankfurt
Reiki 2:
Requirement for participation: thorough practice of Reiki 1
28.Feb to 02.March 2014, region Taunus/ Kelkheim / Frankfurt
28.March to 30.March 2014, region Taunus/ Kelkheim / Frankfurt

Reiki 1: 150€
Reiki 2: 500€

upcoming events around the globe

Reiki for a better world
19. – 23. Feb. 14 , Arizona, Kenyon Ranch
with Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Jessica Palin und Ben Haggard
open for participants as of first degree
further information:

Healing The Family Tree with Reiki
04.-06. April and 16. – 18. Mai, Bergisch Gladbach (Nähe Köln)
with Marta Getty, open for participants as of second degree
further information and registration:

Reiki Road Show “Celebrate Reiki!”
11. – 13. April 14, Schloss Blumenthal, Aichach-Klingen bei Augsburg
with Rick Bockner, Melanie Hoffstead, Gerhard Herzog und Krishna Kloers
“The Reiki Foundation International (RFI) offers a weekend of entertainment, participation in Reiki treatments, and community building activities for the purpose of sharing their vision of community and raising awareness of the vision: Reiki Home.”
Registration and more Information: Celebrate Reiki Flyer

Reiki Alliance Conference
26. April – 3. Mai 14, Holland

Reiki Festival und Master day 2014 with Don Alexander
Master day 30. October 14, Festival 31. October – 2. November 14
further information and regisration und bei Facebook