The Secret Agenda of the Soul

Catherina SeverinAs a channel for unique soul-portraits,Catherina Severin developed a a doorway to an abundance of Findings about the  physical and non-physical existence with her skills. She is co-author of the book “Memories of the afterlife- Life between Lives” and recently finished her own book “The secret agenda of the soul”. This workshop – like the book- is based on the on her abiding and long-time immersion into senses, spirit, body, energy and soul.

At this unique, 2-day workshop you will discover the secret agenda of your soul- get inspired to understand this life, the meaning and purpose of your soul and to live it now and here in this incarnation.

With a better understanding for the personal path from the physical to spiritual existence you can connect to your spirit guide and see your personal picture and the history of the soul in a wider perspective.

You are the sum of all the lives you have lived and at the same time creator of this life in preparation forr the next lives. Auspiciousness and peace develop, when we make decisions based on knowing the intention of our soul.

This workshop is unique, compiled and composed by Catherina Severin who has more than 10 years of experience as a facilitator and works exclusively in facilitating spiritual integration. Catherina is known as a qualified and dedicated teacher. Her experience is founded on her work as a Reiki-Master and teacher of Thought Field Therapy- as well as many years as Hypno- and Regressiontherapist, specialised on past lives and the life between lives.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, 18. – 19. Oktober 2014
We will begin Saturday morning at 09.30 a.m. and end  on Sunday at 6 p.m.

WHERE: Schlosshotel Rettershof, Kelkheim Taunus, Germany only a ca 20 min drive away from the airport Frankfurt am Main.

PRICE: 350 € per Person incl. all meals from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, without overnight and breakfast.


A deposit of 200 € will secure your place.

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