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2014-05-21 17.27.10When we understand the wisdom, absorb and truly understand the wisdom that all spiritual, religious and mystic traditions convey to us for our path, then it has potential to change our lives. One of these wisdoms is that all there will ever be is this moment, this instant, that which is happening now.

When we realise and sense this with every fiber of our being, a powerful feeling of peace and gratitude fulfills us. Suddenly we stop to worry or anger about things our mind presents to us outside of this moment.

No moment is ordinary, every instant is a present.
to live this consciously, bestowing everything with mindfulness and awareness-
discovering the lightness of life,  being grateful from the bottom of your heart
and having no fear to express our true nature,
to follow the inner calling which often rests deeply buried within us-
all of that can be endlessly freeing and change the way we view the world.
It is our decision to follow the voice of fear or the voice of love.

When we follow the voice of love, honouring everything that surrounds us,
recognising God in everything, becoming the voice of love,
working to hear the call that is meant just for ourselves and living our dreams,
then we joyously follow our true purpose,
we step on a path, on which we earn our living honestly.

-To and for my beloved brother on his birthday, with deep gratitude and love Astrid Milvi Bagwitz, June 11th 2014-

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