Upcoming Event: Sanctuary of Reiki- A walk within the self in company of others

Literally, at our fingertips we have the chance to change our environment, to take a step back into ourselves for comfort, forsafety, and for healing.

Life’s journey is not easy. Reiki gives us the chance to ride the wave of loss and into the light of a new day. Each day we let go of some part of ourself and greet another that is emerging. Through community, we find we are not alone.

Join Phyllis Furumoto and others in exploring Reiki as a spiritual path, finding the power of community as a Sanctuary, and being inspired by those around us.

Find out more by clicking on the following link: Sanctuary of Reiki

This event will take place September 25th to 28th 2014 and is sponsored by The Reiki Association UK.

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