Money Money Money – raha paneb rattad käima

Eesti keel: klike siia Workshop Raha paneb ratta käima

One of the elements of Usui Shiki Ryoho is money. At first sight, it seems to be the element that is “often most difficult for students to reconcile with spiritual practice”. One of the many properties of money is that -as a means of exchange in every day life- similar to Reiki, it can nourish us and be applied universaly, for seemingly unlimited purposes.

Dear Reiki-Friends, -collegues and all those that wish to be,

I invite you to join me in exploring the element of money the Reiki way. Starting this September, we will meet wednesdays, giving ourselves 21 days between the meetings to integrate our learnings- or find new ones. At first we will meet up 4 times in a period of 3 months.

We will begin on wednesday, September 24th at the Loovuse Vabakoolis in Türi (Järvamaa, Estonia),  An energy-exchange per participant of 15 € per evening or 50 € for all 4 evenings (if paid at once) is desired. Alternativ ways of exchanging are possible, please get in touch with me in case that would work better for you. Translation into Estonian (eesti keel) and/or German (Deutsch) will be provided on demand.

Please bring comfortable clothes, if you wish: pen and paper to take notes, yourself and your questions, doubts and everything that is moving within and without you. In case you own a Reiki table, please get in touch, it might prove valuable for our treatments.

Let us explore together, what money has to do with our individual Reiki-practice and how to heal and nourish this element for ourselves, our community and/or on a global level. You will also have the opportunity to find out more about “Reiki Home” and how you can become an active participant in materialising it.

To register, please Email or phone me, I am looking forward to studying and sharing with you

With Reiki- Greetings
Reikimaster and Economist
Email and Tel: please click on this link

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