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Reiki in September

Summer is slowly coming to an end and it is time to start the new Reiki year. Much has happened, since we last saw each other. It would be wonderful if we engaged on all levels with each other again. Please let me know if you are interested in joining one of the following evenings:

  • 07. September: Reiki 1 evening. We will practice Reiki in silence. After the Reiki-exchange there will be time to be together and exchange experiences. Fee: 5 Euro.
  • 14. September: Story-telling. This evening is dedicated to story-telling. What is happening on your life-path? We all have our unique path to walk upon. With Reiki, we are called to follow our hearts voice more and more, life-changing events and meetings take place, altering our consciousness. At first sight they don’t seem to be connected to Reiki, at second glance that  might look totally different. What have you experienced or learned? We’ll sit in circle and exchange our stories. Fee: your story, trust, openness…
  • 21. September: The Transformation Game. Max. 4 participants, fee: 25 EUR
  • 28. September: Reiki Clinic Open Reiki evening for all interested in Reiki. Fee for a treatment: 15-50 EUR. The revenue will be split among all practicioners.

Of course the Reiki-intensives will continue to take place. Please get in touch with me in case you are interested.

Reiki in March

*Book with an early bird discount: Summer retreat in Estonia*
*Get in touch to find out about upcoming Reiki-classes *

Balsam for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul: Reiki evenings

cherry blossom kyotoThese evenings are dedicated to everything around Reiki and giving and receiving Reiki treatments. We will be in Reiki for about 3 hours.  When: Thursdays: 19:00/ 7:00 p.m, Tuesdays  17:30 / 5:30 p.m. .Where:  Jaama 5, Türi (Estonia).  Contribution  15€ per evening, ( 5 € for Reiki practicioners).
4 Reiki evenings :50€, (15 € for Reiki- practicioners).
Snacks and drinks are included.


Summer Retreat in Estonia

Summer Retreat in Estonia

Experience the magic of silence
and the feeling of security within community

LichtIn the time of the “White Nights”, we are going to gather in the unique and secluded nature of West-Estonia to dive deeper into Reiki, into ourselves and immersing the nature surrounding us. Through Reiki, meditation, dance and stillness as well as rituals in nature we will explore our inner landscapes and the beauties of our surroundings; connecting within and without to the ever-present light that permeates everything here this time of year.

Summer retreatThe unique, unspoiled nature surrounding us with its moors, forests, the nearby nature reserve and the sea – aswell as the high affinity of Estonian culture to spirituality and healing – combined with the flow of Reiki, will support and guide us lovingly and mystically in getting away from everyday life and connecting with our inner source: joy, the meaning of our existence.


You will be supported and accompanied by Krishna Klörs and Astrid Milvi Bagwitz, Reiki masters in Usui Shiki Ryoho, who together have 40 years of Reiki experience and a strong commitment to community

AltmoisaWhen: July 8 – July 13, 2016
Price: double room, full board € 580., single room € 655 . We offer a discount for accompanying persons or those who do not wish accommodation, please get in touch to find out,more.
Early bird discount 550 € if you book until 5. May
Meals: As desired, Traditional / Vegetarian / Vegan
What to bring: swimsuit, walking shoes, …

Our venue is the guest house Altmõisa which has set itself the goal of being a place where “renewing the body, refreshing the soul and training the mind” is manifested through the principles of “Giving and Receiving” and the observance of Ecological principles

holisticexcellenceContact  and additional information:
T: 00372 58941916
Facebook: milvireiki