Summer retreatIn USR (Usui Shiki Ryoho), the complete System of Reiki is taught in 2 levels. Those that feel the calling to teach also have the opportunity to become masters. As masters we always stay students of all initiation levels.


to participate in a Reiki-Class as a  Reiki-practicioner

and become a Reiki-student and -practicioner of this system. In a first degree Reiki class you will receive the initial teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. For the rest of your life, you will be able to consciously connect yourself and others to Reiki and to experience and pass on the benefits of Reiki.tulpen-2

to experience, practice, explore and connect to Reiki and the 4 aspects and 9 elements of this system, either by studying yourself or with other Reiki-Students and as a result be of service to yourself, your community and
the world at large.

white radiating Lotus

Reiki First Degree Class:  You will receive all initiations that correspond with this level, learn handpositions to treat yourself and others, learn about the Reiki history, Precepts and the spiritual lineage of this system.

Your contribution to this class are 150 USD or 150 EUR, the openness to receive the systems teachings, the willingness to spend 3 hours on 4 consecutive days in class and also to practice what you learned after the course. 


take part in weekly First Degree Reiki shares: You commit yourself to attend our first degree Reiki shares for a duration of 3 months ( 13 meetings @ 3 hours) and to work on the foundation of our individual practice together with other students.

There will be time to ask questions, exchange and gather experiences, explore Reiki and enjoy the benefits of regular treatments within a group. Whoever feels like it, is invited to end the evening with snacks and good conversations after our work is done.

Another, deepening way to connect to and work with Reiki is conveyed in a Second Degree Reiki  class. This class is suitable for people who have been practicing first degree Reiki for some time and are committed and deeply connected to the practice and system.

In the Second Degree Reiki class, you will get the ability to work with Reiki symbols, including: bridging time and space, sending distant-treatments to all living things and situations, working with the subconscious, treating habits and much more.

Your contribution to this course is 500 USD or 500 EUR, the willingness to take time for about 3 hours on 3 consecutive days, as well as applying and practicing the learned after the course.

deepen your practice of Second Degree Reiki: You commit yourself to attend our second degree Reiki meetings, which take place every 21 days, for a duration of 6 month (10 meetings @ ca 2-3 hours). Pre-requisites to participate are: participation in a Reiki Second Degree class. Ideally you’ve already participated at the weekly Reiki shares.

attend deepening Seminars on the 4 Aspects, 9 Elements and USR:
please get in touch with me.

At the end of the class you will get a certificate, which confirms your attendance as well as that you have received all initiations and teachings associated with the class. My classes are subject to the standards and ethics of The Reiki Alliance