Healing The Family Tree With Reiki- a seminar with Marta Getty

I participated at this very transformative seminar in Sweden- and now my Reiki-Collegue Renate Heimann-Dari informed me about the opportunity to heal the family tree “the Reiki-way” here in Germany. Second degree students of all Reiki-traditions and lineages are welcome.The course will be held in English with translation to German.

WurzelnMarta Getty is a very experienced Reiki-Master and pioneer. She works all over the world and has helped many through treatment and her seminars. Healing The Family Tree with Reiki (HFT) is an undescribable, profound and intense seminar. In a time-frame of 6 weeks, you work in pairs on the family tree of your team-partner- with sustainable, freeing results. Held by the group and your own team-partner, healing processes are activated and Marta stands by you throughout the process with her wisdom and knowledge. For example, sometimes reoccuring, seemingly inexplicable patterns within a family, or suppressed experiences have effects on our behaviour. In this seminar those patterns are released and resolved into peace with the techniques of second degree.

You will find more about the Seminar and possibilities to participate by klicking on the following link: Healing The Family Tree with Reiki.

rating: infinitely recommendable!